Dulcimer Moon




Dulcimer Moon, released in 2013, is a collection of traditional tunes, originals, and cover songs that feature Mountain Dulcimer in every arrangement. There are nine instrumentals and five songs with vocals.
– Heidi Muller: Dulcimer, bowed psaltery, vocals
– Bob Webb: Dulcimer, guitar, mandolin, cello, vocals
– Backup musicians: Caleb Samples (electric bass), Rich Shirley (upright bass)

Dulcimer Moon (Heidi Muller)
Sandy River Belle/Spotted Pony/Cucaran’s Cross (Traditional)
Blue Mountain Lake Waltz (Heidi Muller)
Over the Rainbow (Harburg/Arlen)
Turn Around (Reynolds/Belafonte/Greene)
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine/Campbell’s Farewell to Red Gap (Traditional)
Si Bheag Si Mhor (Turlough O’Carolan)
Calling Ellia (Bob Webb)
Guabi Guabi (Traditional)
Mexican Wedding Waltz/Emma’s Waltz (Traditional)
Cassiopeia (Heidi Muller)
Rickett’s Hornpipe (Traditional)
How Can I Keep from Singing (Traditional)
June Apple/Sandy Boys/Muddy Roads (Traditional)

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