Up Hurricane Creek




Released in 2017, this CD reflects Heidi and Bob’s life in the Wallowa Mountains of northeast Oregon. All songs were written by Heidi Muller, except “Wild Horses” and “Whitebark” by the late TR Ritchie and “Loudendale” cowritten by Bob and Heidi, which starts with Mozart’s Canzonetta.
– Heidi Muller: Vocals, guitar, mountain dulcimer, ukulele, shaker
– Bob Webb: Guitar, baritone guitar, mandolin, cello
– Studio musicians: Mark Eubanks (bassoon and contrabassoon), Matt Bell (swing guitar), David Vallelunga (accordion), Caleb Samples (fiddle), Roger McGee (Native American flute), Felicia Dale (hurdy gurdy), and William Pint (ukulele)
– Background vocals: Heidi, Tracy Spring, Janis Carper, Carolyn Lochert, Sharon Porter, Felicia Dale, and William Pint

Full Snow Moon
Little Black Tick
Wild Horses
32 Pairs of Shoes
Keep an Eye on the Moon
Loudendale/Cuckoo’s Nest
All Hallow’s Eve
In Wallowa
Sending Us Home

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