Giving Back




Giving Back was recorded in 1996, co-produced by Heidi Muller and Janis Carper. All songs were written by Heidi Muller except traditional tunes “Whiskey Before Breakfast/Over the Waterfall” and “Don’t Let Me Come Home a Stranger” by Robin Williams and Jerome Clark, which was sung as a duet with Dan Maher.
– Heidi Muller: Vocals, guitar, mountain dulcimer
– Studio musicians: Janis Carper (mandolin, guitar, slide guitar), David Lange (piano and keyboards), Nancy Rumbel (oboe), Jack Hansen (rhythm guitars), Paul Elliott (fiddle), Cary Black (upright bass), Walter White (acoustic bass guitar), John Weeks (viola), Jeanie Murphy (banjo), Mark Filler and Mark Ivester (percussion), Gordon Frazier (jawharps), John Culhane (tuba), Dan Maher (guitar), Tracy Moore (12-string guitar), and Philip Boulding (pennywhistle)
– Background vocalists: Heidi, Janis, Tracy Spring, Larry Murante, Dan Maher, and the “Babes of Baseball” Chorus (Connie Bigelow, Marianne Bundren, Janis Carper, Susan Howell, Jayne Muir, Amy Read, Allison Roberts, and Jane Titland)

My Old Cat
Lost and Found
The Edge
Talk a Little Texan
Whiskey Before Breakfast/Over the Waterfall
I Like Baseball
Don’t Let Me Come Home a Stranger
You’re the Sun
Lowlands of Holland
Last One to Go

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