Between the Water and the Wind




Heidi’s first recording, released as a cassette album in 1985, is a collection of Heidi’s favorite songs from her first ten years of performing plus three of the first songs she wrote. Most feature the simplicity of Heidi’s solo vocal and guitar, but supporting players include Tracy Moore on 12-string and Weissenborn slide guitar, Dave LeMargee on banjo, Olemara Peters on pennywhistle, Steve Klein on bass and a harmonious chorus of Seattle friends.

Honey in My Tea (Heidi Muller)
All the Diamonds (Bruce Cockburn)
You’re the Sun (Heidi Muller)
River Affair (Bill Staines)
The Ballad of Erica Levine (Bob Blue)
The Oak and the Ash (Traditional)
Lone Star Hotel Cafe (Guy Clark)
River (Bill Staines)
All of Me (Bill Staines)
Paradise and Puget Sound (Heidi Muller)

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