Monthly Archives: April 2010

Dulcifying with Gail Rundlett (aka Finnie)

The last week has been one of those joyful work weeks, where you hit the pillow with songs in your head, tired from doing what you love. After a delightful visit from Stephen Seifert two weeks ago — with all of us here working on taxes, then celebrating with a fab dulcimer jam late into the night — Gail Rundlett flew down from Boston to work on her new CD. Bob’s her recording engineer in this studio that we call Treehouse Recording. It’s our old diningroom. It looks into the upper stories of a tall, old oak tree with its resident squirrels and woodpeckers.

In the last seven days, Gail has done the basic work on 12 tracks. It’s her first solo CD since she released Full Circle in 1995 (you can find it on CDBaby). Since then, she also made recordings with her vocal group Taproot. This new work features her spritely dulcimer and some fingerpicked guitar, and as ever, her beautiful vocals that have gained her such a following in the Boston folk scene. In the last two days we brought in two players from the Mountain Stage band, Ron Sowell on harmonica and Ryan Kennedy on bass and lead guitar — great stuff! VooDoo Katz percussionist Mark Davis got the rhythms smoking with everything from drums to finger cymbals. Gail’s got more studio work ahead of her in Boston, featuring her son Julian and daughter Hannah. The project should be in final form by fall.

Gail and I go way back… over 35 years, in fact. We were roommates in college and we sang together at coffeehouses like the Sword in the Stone in Boston in the 70’s. We’ve done reunion concerts now and then over the years. It’s been fun to sing harmony and play guitar on this project… and we co-wrote a new dulcimer tune, and are playing it together on the CD. Bob’s also added his sweet cello and mandolin. Definitely check out Gail when you get a chance and stay tuned for updates.